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Company Overview

Emirates Rehab and Homecare Center, EHRH, (previously known as Rochester Wellness) was established in 2006;  and proud to be first of its kind health care provider dedicated to long-term recovery, elderly care and home health services, nationwide in the UAE. With10 years expertise, our care services grown to serve hundreds of patients throughout the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman.

We coordinate comprehensive, convalescent & geriatric rehabilitation programs in a non-hospitalized environment dedicated to long-term recovery, elderly care and home health services.

With our Continuum of Care program we have a wide range of health care services that covers patients from being admitted in the hospital to step-down rehabilitation until their transition care to home.

Synonymous with excellence in physical rehabilitation and geriatric care, we provide tools to help people recover and find inspiration.

Our expertise is providing care services for geriatric, pediatric, physically-challenged and post-operative patients.

We have over 250 trained health professionals committed to treatment programs and recovery.

Our exclusive care and recovery services concentrate on relieving the distress of patients using a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitative and palliative care.

Emirates Rehab and Homecare aspires to use its expertise in the fields of prevention so people can age healthily and provides hope, pain relief and tools to regain lost health.

Following an accident, injury or illness, let us help you get your life back. Every person has the power to influence their own healing and overcome pain. You don’t have to do it alone.