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Geriatric (Elderly) Care

The tasks of daily living can often become difficult for the elderly and/or disabled.

Chronic illnesses and complications of aging have driven the need of additional health care. Emirates Rehab can offer continuity of care which is important to the elderly.

Our compassionate and kind caregivers coordinate with the patients and families to evaluate care plans with the supervision of our physicians.

As a healthcare advocate, we help them calm their fears, and rationalize the necessary treatment.

Building relationship with elderly and showing commitment to care are our primary expertise that makes us the trusted name in rehabilitation and nursing.

Most of the elderly is lonely and some do not even have their family at their side. Listening to them is therapeutic for them and feel rewarding for us.

A nurse can handle all the small details related to daily living activities so we can make life as easy as possible for your family member while  therapist can arrange a treatment plan to make them have a regular physical activity to restore strength and prevent more damages.