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A Facility for Lending a Helping Hand to the Elderly - Oman Observer

- By Kabeer Yousuf

They say the most important phase in life is the stage of ageing and if one is blessed to grow old graciously, he is the lucky one.
In an era marked with fierce competition and rat race to reach the top of the ladder in any sphere of life and where the simple values of humanity, compassion, love and care for others are often ignored, the elderly are the most affected.

With the formation of nuclear families some decades ago, the ones who have least importance is, undoubtedly the elders. The much needed love and care for the elders at home is missing, including our parents to whom our gratitude is confined into a telephone call or in some exclusive material things which we think can bring them happiness, or in a visit with lots of gifts that they may like.

But how many of us know that at this point of their age which saw thousands of full moon nights, what they need is but a touch, a pat, a soothing word, a caressing glance, a kiss on forehead, or a tight hug that implicitly say that ‘I love you and I’m here for you’.

What the wrinkled eyes that saw our birth, and our small feet growing day by day, and the vigilant eyes that protected us from evil and ‘little’ enemies of childhood, want is nothing but our face that reflect ‘I’m okay dad, I love you mom’.

Did we know that they find an eternal pleasure in seeing us fully grown and standing upright in front of their eyes? Did we know that they find a secret pride in acknowledging others that ‘this is my son/daughter, he/she is so and so and he received the appreciation from so and so’?

These may sound absolutely trivial for a generation that is not known for its keenness for enhancing emotional bonds but for its bank balance and for its superfluous achievements. But the truth is that these actions by us can give them a new hope, a new day filled with joy and zeal for life. A hope against hope that their world would never end.

In Muscat, the birth of a centre for the elderly came from nothing but the thought that these elderly deserve even better care and attention than they are getting from the society.

The tasks of daily living often become difficult  for the elderly or disabled”, says Alique Jamal, head of Emirates Rehab and Homecare Clinic, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation facility in Muscat. “We can offer continuity of care and kind caregivers, which is important to the elderly. A nurse can handle all the small details of the activities of daily living to make life as easy as possible for your family member. Additionally, we have special recreational and rejuvenating programmes for elderly people as well as for children with special needs”.

The Emirates Rehab and Homecare Clinic Muscat, which is a part of theEmirates Rehab and Homecare group Dubai, UAE, uses a result- oriented multidisciplinary approach for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of children with special needs. “We have responded to the gap in Children's Early Intervention; our programmes are conducted in an engaging environment which has been specially designed to ensure that children are attended to with utmost care”.

“Our rehabilitation facility includes out-patient consultation and rehabilitation home visits for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. In addition, we offer home care nursing in Muscat”.

The clinic also offers physiotherapist’s consultations and rehabilitation sessions for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nursing. The Emirates Rehab and Homecare facility also offers other core competencies such as home care rehabilitation, including the elderly health recovery, sports injury rehabilitation and for more severe cases a full-time rehabilitation in-stay facility, based in Dubai.

Karim Jamal, Managing Director at Emirates Rehab and Homecare Clinic, says: “Emirates Rehab and Homecare utilises a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, psychological assessment and rehabilitation of children and adults with special needs and physical illness.” Emirate’s multidisciplinary team will design and personalise a programme for recovery and improved health for each patient. The team includes a physician specialised in rehabilitation, physical therapists, an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and a special educator.



It is neither the position in job that a man acquires in life nor the super brain that controls the world but a simple thought on a daily basis that is sought after by the elderly. A loving word, a caring attention can take him or her on miles of happiness. It’s never too late to do what we haven’t been doing.

To the extent possible, let’s talk with our elderly parents gently and honestly about their wishes, their abilities and their options. Far more often than not these conversations are helpful and put us in a better position to make decisions later when the parent may not be able to do so. While talking with them, share your own feelings, and reassure the parent that you will support them and can be depended upon to help them solve their problems. Also, help the parents to retain whatever control is possible in making his or her own decisions, and respect and try to honour their wishes wherever feasible. Lastly, make an attempt to encourage the smallest change possible at each step, so that the parent is more able to adjust to the change.
From today on, let’s all make time from our busy schedules for our elderly parents, grandparents and others not so able back home.

As Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) aptly put it, “Those who don’t love the elderly and the children are not my followers”.



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