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Home Care Nursing

  • How do I know if I need home care nursing?

    Many families that choose Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC have a family member or loved one that needs constant care, support and attention.


    In some cases, the medical health of a family member or loved one could be deteriorating.

    These types of situations can be overwhelming and worrisome for the current family care-giver. As a result, this can be very stressful and difficult to cope with.

    Let us help you ensure your family member or loved one gets the level of care they need.

    Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC is a support system providing on-demand care.

  • I need a care-giver. Someone I love needs help at home?

    Its about caring, not just healthcare. We are here to help.

    We offer kind care-givers and attentive nursing care, tailored to your needs.

    Our approach provides your loved one the support they need, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

    We will do our utmost to make sure we find the perfect caregiver for your loved one.

  • I am travelling and would prefer not to leave my family member alone, can you help?

    Yes. We can provide around the clock care for your family member at home or our In-Stay residence.

  • I'm not sure what level of care my loved one needs?

    We offer on-site doctor’s consultations to medically assess what your loved one needs.

    Whether it’s basic, enriched or vital care that is required, let us help you.

    Typically, the following services are included:

    • Caring companionship
    • Physical activity
    • Support with life’s essentials (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc)
    • Ensure home safety
    • Medication management
    • Alzheimer’s & Dementia support
    • Live-in caring
    • Skilled nurse caring
    • End-of-life caring
    • Wound care
    • Post-operative caring
    • Complex caring
    • Special needs caring
  • I would like Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC help me organize Home Care, In-Stay and/or Rehabilitation services for my family member, what should I do?

    Please call one of our coordinators at Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC or submit an online form for your free consultation.