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Home Care Rehab Suite

Our homecare rehab suite is rehabilitation programs available for patients who prefer to have the treatment while remaining in familiar surroundings and close to their loved ones.

We provide this service especially for patients with limited mobility.

ERHC team oversees the functional improvements and reduces possible complications and hospital re-admissions to provide effective rehabilitation possibilities.

Tailored program are given to each patient to closely work and address the disorder or injury.

Our therapist provides evaluation, treatment, education for individuals, and training family carers to achieve a safe and independent lifestyle at home.

Our aim is to provide better service and for aging populations and those living in rural or remote and isolated communities all over UAE.

With our Rehabilitation services, we may help with mobility, fall prevention, and strengthening programs.

Our Rehabilitation Team is composed of physicians, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.

They are highly experienced in acute and chronic pain with the following but not limited to musculoskeletal conditions, neurological rehabilitation and post-operative rehabilitation.


The following suite of Home Care programs are available throughout the UAE & Oman:

  • Home Care Physiotherapy
  • Home Care Occupational Therapy
  • Home Care Speech Language Therapy
  • Home Care Pediatrics
  • Home Care Doctor’s Consultations

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