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In-Patient Services

A structured management program is prepared according to the diagnosis, present condition of the patient and his/her prognosis for progress. 

Treatment may include wide-ranging therapy components that are designed according to the case history and the subsequent recommendations of the treating specialist.

With our dedicated patient-centered care standard, we provide innovative, customized care that strongly focuses on physical, emotional & social needs of our patients.

Emirates Rehabilitation offers access to rehab seven (7) days a week.  Our inter-professional team works with patients and families to promote independence through:

·         Comprehensive therapy services to maximize mobility & endurance

·         Individualized support services

·         Safe environment to encourage optimal health & minimize hospital readmission

·         Coordination of homecare services by our on-site coordinators

·         Recreational activity for social integration

·         24/7 Arabic & Non-Arabic customer care

·         Patient /family meetings, as required to plan discharge, return to the community & maximize independence and safety

We want people to know about the benefits of non-hospitalized rehabilitation and the healing potential of our programs.

According to American Heart Association together with American Stroke Organization, inpatient rehabilitation facility is the best place to get the best result for a life after stroke. With ERHC, having sustained and coordinated efforts from our specialist and rehab team at your disposal, we can ensure a faster recovery.

With respect to geriatric care, Islamic culture advises us to take care of our elders.

As an alternative to short or long-term hospital care, convalescent patients are provided allopathic, non-invasive healthcare services (for patients who do not require hospitalization).

Caring is a way of life and our goal is to raise awareness in the UAE & Oman.

Rehabilitation is a celebration of life. Our staff is dedicated to helping people cherish each moment of life with good health and positivity.