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Everything at Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare revolve around patient comfort and convenience.

Every room is handicap accessible. Each suite is air-conditioned with access to a television, nurse on-call, en-suite (handicap accessible) toilet/shower facility and free wireless internet.

We also provide complimentary personal and room cleaning services.

Patients are served well-balanced, nutritional meals prepared under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Family & friends are encouraged to help care for patients so they can recover faster. Wi-Fi and overnight stays for visitors are also available.

Our team, backed by trained physicians, nursing & rehab staff, ensures the best treatment and care for patients. We are dedicated to personalized care for patients and making their stay comfortable.

ERHC aspire to let physically-challenged people adapt and rediscover life, we highly value their the social and cultural development. Aside from the rehabilitative therapies we provide, on-site recreational activities are integrated and play an important aspect of our rehabilitation process. We recommend families to participate to provide encouragement and reassure them that their loved ones are well taken care of.

Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare provide comfortable environments for recovering patients to spend time with family members (rather than long-term hospital beds).


The Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare In-Stay Residences (Dubai & Muscat) have an allocation of permanent and temporary beds

Strategically located in Dubai & Muscat, our daily objectives are to ensure the availability and delivery of quality healthcare services to all.