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indego presentation
indego presentation
indego presentation

On the 16th May 2017 Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare services, hosted a demonstration of the Indego Exoskeleton. At this event, we had the honour of seeing a young man with a T7 complete injury (paraplegic) walk using this advance device. Before visiting our centre, he only experienced walking indoors on regular surfaces for demonstrations. We are very pleased that we provided him the first opportunity to walk outdoors on uneven surfaces, as well as up and down a ramp. This was an incredible achievement for him. The excitement and joy seen on his face were priceless.

The Indego Exoskeleton is a powered device worn around the waist and legs providing spinal cord injury individuals the opportunity to walk over different surfaces. It is light weight, easy and quick to set up, wireless operated and can be adjusted to suit individual needs. “Emirates Hospitals Rehabilitation Segment is committed to investing in state of the art rehabilitation equipment as well as applying evidence-based rehabilitation protocols. 

"We are always seeking innovative solutions to meet our patients evolving needs” -Stephen K. Mathenge, COO