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Inspired by a true story, names and details have been changed to preserve the identity of the patient and confidentiality.

Basma, a 5 year-old, recently joined Emirates Rehab and Homecare recently.

The child has rheumatoid arthritis.

Her right, lower extremity is more severely affected.

According to her mother, the patient was experiencing pain in her right knee and ankle. This discomfort interrupted her ability to walk properly.

At the suggestion of Basma’s physician, her mother sought physiotherapy.

In the early stages, the child was very hesitant in treatment, very likely due to comfort levels.

However, with each day that passes, at every session, I always get a big hug and smile from her.

She interprets her sessions as a class full of games to play with.

Basma is very happy now, every time we do her therapy. We laugh and shout!

After 2 months of rehab, she can now walk free of pain.

Furthermore, she can run and ride a bike without any problems or complaints.