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Patient Stories


Inspired by a true story, names and details have been changed to preserve the identity of the patient and confidentiality.

It was the first day of therapy for Dalilah, a 55 year- old, who experienced head injury in a road traffic accident.

When I first saw her, she was seated on a plinth supported on both sides by her children.

She greeted me with a smile but when we started discussing her present condition, she broke down in tears.

After consoling her, it was observed that she was not able to do any daily routine activities by herself. This included not being able to get up from bed sitting, walking, eating, grooming, etc

She had to be assisted by her children with almost every daily task.

This situation was a major shock for her as she was a very independent person.

She had just lost her husband, a few years into her marriage.

In her husband’s absence, Dalilah had assumed all the responsibilities of her home and family.

This major change in role led her to depressive thoughts.

The initial stage of the program was very challenging. Often, sessions began with crying as a result of feelings associated with hopelessness and helplessness.

In turn, the treatment plan of the rehab team included activities to improve physical capacity in addition to activities designed to develop self esteem.

Dalilah would not be left alone, even for a single second throughout every session!

As comfort levels grew, it was discovered that she was a very good cook.This was incorporated into treatment programs and used as a motivational factor.

One of the home exercises assigned included bringing her favorite recipes to sessions the following day.

Dalilah was very cooperative and followed the program closely. She also reaped the benefits of constant support and encouragement from her children and family.

6 months later, she was able to roll over in bed by herself. She could sit and eat by herself. She could use the bathroom, toilet and groom herself.

The best part of this story - with certain modifications at home - she could also cook in the kitchen by herself.

This enabled her to be more confident as well!


Currently, Dalilah is almost back to her pre-morbid condition and still calls up whenever she has a new, interesting recipe!