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Inspired by a true story, names and details have been changed to preserve the identity of the patient and confidentiality.

Anna, who is about to celebrate her 3rd birthday, was referred to Emirates Rehab and Homecare for rehabilitation services.

She was rushed to emergency services at a Government Hospital in Dubai following an accidental incident of drowning.

It took a fortnight of resuscitation before her doctor’s felt she was medically stable.

At the time of discharge from the hospital, Anna had problems walking and had experienced developmental milestones that regressed.

The Emirates Rehab and Homecare rehabilitation team met Anna to evaluate her difficulties. A physiotherapist and occupational therapist subsequently formulated a therapy program.

In the assessment session, Anna was observed to have difficulty in focusing on particular tasks, visualizing toys, manipulating them, walking independently and climbing stairs.

In addition, initially, Anna wanted one of her parents to stay back with her during a therapy session.

Gradually, she became accustomed to the setup and began to show interest in completing tasks and activities with the therapist.

When she accomplished her activities, she loved the positive reinforcements like toffee, gum, marbles and “I love you”.

Her therapy program was organized to help develop skills related to concentration, hand function, bilateral activities, gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

Fortunately, Anna was cooperative, responded well to the intervention strategies and showed remarkable improvement.

Home care therapy services were recommended following her stay, as per the recommendation of the medical team and as per the wishes of her parents.

Anna regained abilities including managing constant eye-contact, playing with her toys, walking independently, climbing stairs, picking up snacks and feeding herself independently.

As a result, these skills gave her the confidence to re-join her nursery and get back to her friends.