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Patient Stories


Inspired by a true story, names and details have been changed to preserve the identity of the patient and confidentiality.

Husam, an 18 year-old was referred to Emirates Rehab and Homecarefor extensive rehabilitation services.

Involved in a road traffic accident, he was admitted to Emirates completely bedridden, conscious & could only communicate by eyesight.

Husam underwent intensive rehabilitation comprising of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

The speech therapy helped his ability to re-learn how to swallow; while improving his capacity to articulate spoken words and sentences.

Physiotherapy has also improved strength and endurance despite bodily restrictions resulting from the accident.
His recovery was remarkable as he went from being bedridden to walking independently.

He has since progressed to climbing stairs and can perform daily living activities such as going to the bathroom, bathing and dressing.

Minimal assistance and supervision continues to be required for some others.