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Inspired by a true story, names and details have been changed to preserve the identity of the patient and confidentiality.

Hamad, a 45 year old, was having his usual teal in the morning when suddenly he couldn’t move his arm. Immediately, he knew something wasn’t right.

Following a short stay in acute care at a local hospital, doctors performed multiple tests to confirm that Hamad had suffered a stroke.

Unable to walk on his own or continue his everyday activities, the stroke left him weakened with limited mobility.

After his stay in acute care, Hamad came to Emirates Rehab and Homecare Muscat.

Aware of the challenging road ahead, he was determined to regain his independence.

Suffering a stroke is the most traumatic experience any person can go through.

A stroke is caused when blood flow to the brain is interrupted or when blood vessels are ruptured, This causes cell death and loss of brain functionality.

Depending on which part of the brain is injured and the severity, long term effects of vary.

Suffering a stroke may impair movement ability, sense of balance/coordination, memory, reasoning skills, speech and language, perceptual skills and emotional well-being.

Stroke rehabilitation is proven to help those who have survived a stroke to adjust their impairment so they can continue to live their daily life with limited disruption and inabilities.

Physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and the patient’s family, work as a team to aid stroke sufferers and help relinquish problems, one at a time.

For patients with similar experience to Hamad, working with an interdisciplinary team provides comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Personalized treatment programs address complex health, social and emotional issues.

Emirate’s stroke program involves highly-skilled and dedicated rehab professionals that provide proper patient care, education and support.

The goal is to achieve a better quality of life, independence and accelerated recovery for the patient.

In order to help Mr. Hamad reach his goal, Emirate’s clinical team customized a rehab program focused on improving mobility and dexterity in his hand and legs.

The first time he joined us, his gait was very poor. He stood and walked with an assistive device and additionally required the support of another person.

After a few weeks of rehab, he started walking without his cane for short distances.

After 2 months, he could stand and walk independently, without any assistive devices.

The Emirates rehab team and my family kept me motivatedexclaimed Hamad “The treatments were personalized for my needs and has helped me regain strength and hope.”

- Hamad continues to work with our therapists on exercises to further improve his balance, mobility and hand function.

Our stroke and neurological rehab program is designed for patients recovering from stroke, traumatic head and spinal cord injury & other neurological disorders.