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Speech & Language Therapy-Pediatric

  • Ensuring appropriate pediatric setup and infrastructure (for the purposes of speech & language therapy)
  • Verifying qualifications to perform speech & language therapies
  • Providing assistance to organize BASLP courses for speech therapy
  • Identifying ways to improve sound-proofing & partitioning of rooms to ensure undisturbed sessions of speech & language therapy
  • Organizing speech & language therapy test materials to properly assess and diagnose problems, monitor improvements and progress. These materials can include gloves, tongue depressors, mirrors, candles, balloons, flash cards, modals, etc
  • Arranging test materials for patients that need special attention (to limit distraction)
  • Organizing, structuring & sequencing programs - speech therapy, special education, group sessions
  • Room modifications for group therapy
  • Preparing rooms for auditory, visual & sensory stimulation – i.e. music, speech therapy software, etc