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To the Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC team,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful care of your Doctors and Physiotherapy department. It has been a long time since I was able to walk. I am now able to do so and feel so much better.

Your physiotherapy team members are dedicated professionals. The completely holistic approach combined with a very kind understanding of the emotional attachment to my condition; I was provided excellent care, encouragement and support.

As a client, their interpersonal skills were excellent. They always had a big smile and positive words of encouragement. This is important when dealing with pain and the distress of not being able to walk.

My physiotherapy team was very patient, courteous, caring and understanding. I had complete confidence to walk again without fear which was wonderful. There is a massive difference between existence and living.

I wish you all the best for success and fulfillment in your careers.

- Mrs. E T - UK

Thank you for all the support provided to my mum since she arrived. I am SO impressed with Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC for the awesome care and treatments provided. The nurses have been fabulous and just perfect. We all truly appreciate it.

- Mrs. M P - Scotland

To the Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC staff, it is my honor to write you all and express my sincere gratitude for the unique opportunity of having been one of your patients.

My time spent with you ranks among the dearest memories of my life. It is thrilling for me to talk about my experience. In addition, I really appreciated the compassionate care and kindness of the staff.

My heart is filled with gratitude to Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC .

I wish you all the best for happiness, success in the fulfillment of your ambitions and humanitarian achievements.

- Mr. J S K - Palestine

My 2 week stay in Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC  has been pleasant and positive from the day I was admitted until the day I was discharged.

- Ms. N L - Denmark

I came to Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC able to walk only a few steps with two crutches. In a month I was able to walk without any support. When I had my follow-up consultation in Italy, my surgeon was very satisfied with the results of my rehabilitation program.

- Mrs. R G W - Italy

I wanted to thank you all for your help and effort with my father. There was clear improvement in his general state of health after two months. Also, the fact that he started walking was great progress.

- Mrs. D - UAE

My patient, a 27 year old male with a history of road accidents, had post left hip replacement as well as an osteotomy of his left distal femur and Achilles tendon. He has been making excellent progress as an inpatient at Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC . He is now able to walk quite well with a single cane and can also manage a few steps without it.

- Dr. C W - Canada

Excellent services.

- Mrs. A A D - UAE

I pray to God for more success to all the management and staff of Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC  for services and treatments provided for my daughter. The centre was really like a second home for us.

- Mrs. A R - Oman

The staff took great care of my daughter.

- Mr. A - UAE

Everything is good. I’ve improved a lot. I’m trying to do everything by myself now and am looking forward to improving more.

- Mr. H Y A T - UAE

Services are very good. I pray you continue doing your best.

- Mrs. F S - UAE

I am so happy that I am able to walk now!  I will tell people about this centre.

- Mrs. A Y A - Kuwait

Dear Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC , my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who took good care of me. It was a work in progress and a life changing experience. Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC helped accelerate my recovery. You gave me a home during my frustration and despair.

I am well now and look forward to a complete recovery. On behalf of my family, thank you and every single day I spent atEmirates Rehab and Homecare LLC was worth it!

Personally, I would like to commend the excellent work and professionalism of all doctors, therapists, nurses, staff and management of Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC . Thank you to all for their exemplary therapy services which brought me to my present condition. The follow up from the home care providers gave me additional motivation.

I was admitted to your facility fully bed-ridden but now I'm already back to work and living a new life, full of hope. My case was indeed a miracle but it would not be possible without the treatment I received from you guys.

To the Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC family, thank you and may our good Lord continue to bless you all!

- Mr. E O - UAE

Thank you to all the staff at Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC , especially the Doctors and nurses. I really appreciate the level of care and extra efforts made by everyone; for my father and all the other patients.

- Mr. MM - UAE

My Journey at Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC

I am 26 years of age and was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy. Coincidentally, after coming across the Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC website, I decided to visit and check out the facilities. Following a physical assessment in Oct '15, I agreed to engage in a rehabilitation program consisting of condition focused physiotherapy exercises.

As a result, my functional ability improved significantly; am now able to extend my arms and legs (to degrees of extension) beyond limitations that I was previously unable to perform for many years. The personal attention and emphasis by the physios on manual dexterity was key.

Within such a short amount of time, I have benefited highly from the professional service that Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC (Muscat) provided. The tangible results exceeded my own expectations. Moreover, I am highly motivated to continue participating and attending physio sessions with regularity; aspiring to achieve even better results and continued progress.

- Mr. AAB - Oman


Wissam, a 60 year old entrepreneur in Dubai met with an accident en route to his home country. Injuries sustained to the lower extremities revealed a fracture to the left hip and right femur; requiring hospital admission for further management. A total left hip replacement and right femur screw fixation was completed (in-country) by a well-known surgeon followed by rehabilitation locally.Improper rehabilitation techniques and patient management led to recovery failure.

He was confined to bed and unable to sit, stand, walk or carry out normal activities of daily living. After hearing about the Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC Centre in Dubai, transport was arranged directly from the airport to our facility. The team's initial, multidisciplinary assessments revealed that the physical incapacity greatly impacted his daily living and state of mind. It was also further discovered that following the hospital procedures he endured, the right leg was now shorter than the left leg. His psychological state of mind was so disturbed at the thought of not being able to walk again; he had lost hope in the potential for recovery. The rehabilitation team immediately recognized the possible physical potential for recovery in tandem with the patient goals for well-being.

A care plan was organized; interventions began from day one of admission. Within two weeks of treatment, he was able to come out of bed on his own. With the assistance of the attentive care team, he grew in confidence. He began to concentrate on strengthening and endurance exercises. The constant supervision and encouragement from support staff enhanced the focus towards his goals. Corrective action was taken to address the leg defect with a modification to the soles and shoes. As his comfort level improved, he began to stand and walk with the help of a walker; he was jubilant about the progress attained. The next two weeks, progress was steady and continued.

He was able to stand on his own, slowly walk with a quadripod, able to climb 30 stairs up and down. Further interventions by therapeutic team members helped him continue to regain independence by teaching him activities that included how to safely transfer himself from bed to chair and moving in and out of a car. During his final days at Emirates Rehab and Homecare LLC , he had become totally independent, was able to carry out all activities of daily living (on his own without any assistance) including return to work at his office. Once the team and patient were comfortable, he was discharged, fully satisfied with the progress, his gross movement and regained independence. Wissam has also resumed his professional and familial responsibilities once again; enjoys his regular activities happily as he did before. The immense gratitude expressed to the care team for their exemplary support reinforces the strength of our programs. In light of another successful recovery that was achieved together; this reiterates the need for personal approaches to aspects of rehabilitation care planning, dedicated to the patient and their desired goals (where possible).

- Wissam - Dubai

Dear all,

I would just like to sincerely commend the services provided by your Employee, Mr. Saneesh Kuttyadi Meethal for his outstanding effort he rendered during the demobilization to our bed ridden employee, Mr. Vikram Singh to India. Your Nurse Saneesh is very helpful and well organized, I am very happy and pleased on the way he updated me on the condition of the patient as well as informing us the updates on the Visa clearance formalities from SKMC Hospital, Airport up to Dehradun India. This kind of employee will surely benefit your Company in many ways as he delivers a very high standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

On behalf of the Management of Four N Property Services and Four N Catering Services, I would like to sincerely thank the Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare and Mr. Saneesh for a job well done! I will surely recommend your Company to my colleague at work.

- Renato Dela Rosa Jose - India