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  1. Homemade TLC

    When ill, the comfort of being cared for by loved ones is incomparable. A close second is being looked after at home by professional caregivers. 

  2. A Facility for Lending a Helping Hand to the Elderly

    - By Kabeer Yousuf

    They say the most important phase in life is the stage of ageing and if one is blessed to grow old graciously, he is the lucky one.

  3. Emirates Rehab and Homecare Clinic Oman - Health Experts

    Emirates Rehab and HomecareClinic Oman

  4. Harvard Business Review - Why Health Care Should Bring Back the House Call

    Health care at home is patient-centered, outcomes-driven and truly collaborative, making it a microcosm of how the health care system should function across the board.

  5. Post-Stroke Recovery

    A Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) is the medical definition of Stroke.

  6. Comprehensive Elderly Care Initiatives in China

    China to Boost Foreign Investment in Industries Serving Elderly