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Medical Foot Care

The foot is a complex structure made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles & tendons.

In an average lifetime, we walk approximately 184,000 km’s. 80% of people will experience a foot problem at least once in their life. It is important to seek care.

Foot problems may be experienced by everyone from children to seniors.

Research has shown that back problems may often be traced back to foot problems. It is just as likely that foot problems can be brought about by a back imbalance.

Common problems for the elderly may range from routine palliative care of unmanageable toenails & calluses to diabetic ulcerations & infections. At this time in life, circulatory impairment, as well as degenerative joint and skin conditions, is common.

Good foot health care is vital to the health of your entire body and lifestyle.

They deserve focused attention because we only have 1 pair of feet to last a lifetime.

For seniors, with proper foot care and attention, they can enjoy years of pain-free foot function.

Medical foot care is a very thorough cleaning of the feet and nails.

It is used as a prophylactic measure that includes (but is not limited to):

  • The removal of nail substance (partial or complete) in the presence of structures causing local pathology & manual temporary reduction in size or girth of any abnormal nail plate

    A skilled foot care specialist can accomplish any of the following objectives:
    • Pain relief
    • Treatment of infection (bacterial, fungal & viral)
    • Temporary removal of an anatomic deformity such as onychauxis (thickened nail) or certain types of onyxhocryptosis (in-grown nail) and onychomycosis (fungus nail)
  • The shaving, paring or debridement of corns and calluses (keratoma, tyloma or heloma)
  • Other hygienic and preventative maintenance care in the realm of self-care. This includes appropriate cleaning and soaking of feet, recommending change of shoe habits/lifestyle and the use of skin creams to maintain skin tone