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Occupational Therapy -Pediatric

  • Ensuring appropriate pediatric setup and infrastructure

For example, arranging a pre-school setup for training pediatric cases to mimic function in school

  • Organizing treatments according to level of cognitive skill and medical condition
  • Assisting with organizing training for ADL & other cognitive skills
  • Arranging rooms for sensory integration therapy
  • Advising how to arrange equipment according to level of treatment and cognition
  • Sourcing modalities (ultrasound, tens, hot packs)
  • Providing standardized assessments to properly diagnose problems and monitor progress
  • Providing performance assessments and other test materials to plan treatments based on medical condition (neurological, orthopedic, mental health, etc)
  • Organizing treatment and therapies for fine motor skills, daily living activity skills, sensory integration, vocational training & advanced cognitive skills