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To limit the impact of aging and illness, the benefits of physical activity must be understood.

Physical ability influences every activity in our daily lives. The capacity to be active and independent increases one’s lifespan. Physiotherapy can help anyone, especially those with problems related to functional performance and / or limitations of the musculoskeletal system. However, it is not limited to rehabilitation of injury, disease or disability. Physiotherapists can also provide education and advice related to health promotion, disease and injury prevention.

National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center believes a personalized program is essential to the rehabilitation process. Our dedicated teams are available at your discretion to provide the best quality care.Our home care coverage extends beyond Muscat to nearby surrounding areas.Plans for expansion are underway

National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center’s step-down residence in Madinat Al Ilam (Muscat, Oman) facilitates short and long-term services.

For short-term purposes, our accommodations provide intrinsic therapies to enhance recovery, once discharged from a hospital, prior to returning home. We provide on-site monitoring, nursing care, nutrition and therapeutic support services. Our highly involved team approach eases the transition to new environments and revitalizes a patient’s focus towards recovery. Think of us as a bridge to help you prepare for life after the hospital, so you can safely manage at home.

It is important not only to add years to life but life to those years.

Developments in the fields of medicine, hygiene and nutrition have increased our lifespan. Therefore, the importance of health prevention programs for our youth is just as important for those aged above 65.

National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center is a support system for families and patients with challenging medical conditions. Our harmonized practices and flexible health systems respond to patients in need of varied levels of care. The programs combine compassionate care, personal attention, adapted physical activity and scientific theory. To minimize hospitalization, we can deliver these services in the comforts of your own home or our locations in Jumeirah and Muscat.

National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center compliments integrated, quality health services with preventative, holistic and therapeutic programs in a non-hospitalized environment. We actively encourage our patients and significant others to be vocal and participate. Consider our National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center team like family.

Aging is 30% determined by our genetic makeup and 70% determined by our lifestyle.

Let’s promote healthy aging!

National Medical Services Medical and Rehabilitation Center are to maintain and improve physical, psychological and social aspects of well-being.

We provide specialized services for elderly adults who have lost autonomy, neurological conditions and the physically challenged (i.e. post-traumatic rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, etc.)

Live better. Live healthier. Live longer.

The World has Stopped Moving!

"This year, 5.3 million deaths will be attributed to physical inactivity."

  • In less than two generations, physical activity has dropped by 20% in the UK and 32% in the US. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation.

"Physical Inactivity has become normal and the change is too abrupt not to expect severe consequences."

  • By 2030, the projected drop in physical activity is forecasted at:

  A) -46% in the US (vs -32% from 65-09)
  B) -35% in the UK (vs -20% from 61- 05)
  C) -34% in Brazil (vs -6% from 02-07)
  D) -51% in China (vs -45% from 91-09)

"Today's 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have shorter life expectancy than their parents."

The Economic Costs are Unacceptable

  • The cost of physical inactivity drains economies. By 2030, the direct costs alone in China and India will each increase by more than 450%.
  • To put these increases in context, the 2030 annual direct costs are expected to be more than China's current health care budget and nearly 4x what India currently spends on secondary education in a year.

The Economic Costs & Consequences of Physical Inactivity in 2008 by Country (Total Spend Direct+Indirect)

  • USA - $147B 2x the federal budget of the Department of Education
  • UK - $33B Almost the National Health Services Annual Efficiency Target
  • India - $2B Equal to the Total Annual Budget for Secondary Education
  • Greater China (Mainland China Only) $20B Almost 1/3 of China's Total Health Care Budget

"Physical inactivity can bankrupt economies. In the US, China, India and UK alone, it cost $200 billion USD in 2008."

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