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I was admitted to Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare Centre Jumeira on 8th of July 2020 with weakness on my entire Left side, since then the Physiotherapy Team and The Occupational therapist have taken very good care of me. I have started walking with support and my Left hand movement has improved drastically. I would like to thank the entire team for the support & care they have provided. I still continue as a daycare patient and am comfortable and happy with the therapy provided.

Mrs Vijayakumari Somanatha Bhaktan

My Father is patient of TBI (Traumatic brain injury) due to accident. He started his journey with Emirates rehab center with difficultly of moving hands and legs. But after a few weeks Alhamdulillah he is enable to sit longer time without support, way of communication to other people has been improved and his is able to pull himself to stand which is his current aim to stand and start walking.

Myself and my family members always appreciating a good relationship with Emirates rehab center they treat you as you are part of their family. Moreover, admin team they are cooperative and reachable 24/7 to extend their support to the patient.

Morteza Rahimi Family

My brother recently spent 6 months at Emirates Rehabilitation recovering from a serious stroke. I will be forever grateful for the level of care and attention he received. The excellent team worked hard on all aspects of his recovery. His progress and ability to go home is a result of their diligence. Thank You.

Paul Warner
Brother of patient

Dear Friends, Roua, Vivek, and the physio team, Renish and the nursing team,

It is with sadness and yet great joy, that we say goodbye to you all. Many thanks from Phil and I, for your care and kindness. We will miss you all! These last five months have been long and tough but you have always done your best for Phil and we are truly grateful. Your cheerful smiles have kept us going. Take care and stay happy, Love and Thanks,

Phil & Tracey Warner

Thank you for treating me like your own father, and I appreciate you all as my sons and daughters.

Rabee Alshamky

Thank you All! A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, you have all been very instrumental in his journey to recovery.

Anselmo Floren &

When I first came, did not feel good about myself and the place, but after I met Israa, I felt home and feel comfortable and started seeing that everyone is doing their best to help me. During this time, I needed someone to tell me that I can do it and they have been very helpful to motivate me.  Dr. Hussam and the therapist, all the staff do their best to help me in everything. Nurses like Ryan Corcuera and Jeremiah will do above and beyond with their responsibilities.

Ali Murad

He feels taken care with gentleness and compassion in Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare. He enjoys the most during the therapy exercises and letting him practice his walking and his balance with minimal supervision.

We have been to a lot of center and hospitals here and abroad, but this is the only place where I felt comfortable and we are like one family and they treat us like their own.

Wife of patient

The total experience was great, and I enjoyed working with all the staff specially therapist. Within short period of time, I saw the improvement and I am delighted and happy to see this result and now can go back home like nothing happened.


I came to the center several months ago unable to walk without help, but after a while thanks to God and to the center with all the therapists and doctors I was able to return to my natural state.

In terms of staying it was very beautiful, you do not feel that you are sick or hypnotized in the rehabilitation center everything is available.

In terms of system and the dates, they're punctual in the timing of the exercises and medicines.

And I have formed a beautiful relationship with all the people in the center of the patients and staff until they become a family for me, even after I improved, I feel sad to separate them and return to my home healthy and safe.

Salah Al Jailitesti

I want you thank ERHC nurses Dino and Suja are doing a very good job with Jude. Despite how complicated his care can get to be, they are efficient in responding to his requirements. In addition, they are committed and responsible. They are careful to the major and minor factors of his treatment such as food, sleep and entertainment.

Mother of patient

We are very satisfied from nursing department, physiotherapy department, and the admin staff for giving the patient's comfort, and the excellent and friendly atmosphere to the patient and his family and provide all the needs of the patient, hygiene, good medical care and Doctors are wonderful in dealing with the patient. Thank you very much for your tremendous efforts.

Daughter of patient

I came to the center long ago from Al Ain after an accident and I received the physical therapy from the therapists very well especially in individual exercises.

In terms of residence: I did not notice the distance from my family because I found myself in my house and among my family.

In terms of the medical and administrative staff, the pen aims to express their performance and help me in all matters, whether personal or public, to find the doors of everyone open to you whether to talk or discuss or inquire.

The medical and administrative staff was morally supportive.

My relationship with everyone is very good I am a young man spoiled and beloved among them I wish me and their success in the coming days.......

Mansour Al Balooshi

We are extremely satisfied with the services and the company especially with the care to the patient and we are grateful with how they always make sure to attend to what my son needs.

Hazem Ali Abdulraqib Ali Naji
Mother of patient

With my treatment for two weeks in ERHC, the nursing care and the entire stay is good and especially good for my case. The therapy and the session are very good, and the therapist and the rest of staff are cooperative and they are really working to reach the goal for all the patient.

Hamad Hazan Al Zaabi

Dear all,
I would just like to sincerely commend the services provided by your Employee, Mr. Saneesh Kuttyadi Meethal for his outstanding effort he rendered during the demobilization to our bed ridden employee, Mr. Vikram Singh to India. Your Nurse Saneesh is very helpful and well organize, I am very happy and pleased on the way he updated me on the condition of the patient as well as informing us the updates on the Visa clearance formalities from SKMC Hospital, Airport up to Dehradun India. This kind of employee will surely benefit your Company in many ways as he delivers a very high standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

On behalf of the Management , Four N Property Services and Four N Catering Services, I would like to sincerely thank the Emirates Rehab and Homecare and Mr. Saneesh for a job well done! I will surely recommend your Company to my colleague at work.

Renato Dela Rosa Jose
HR Manager