Post-Acute Rehabilitation

We offer post-acute rehabilitation to patients recovering from recent hospitalization and still needing intensive rehabilitation. Our expert team oversees the functional improvements and reduces possible complications and hospital re-admissions to provide sustainable rehabilitative outcomes. We provide tailored program to recovery and improve health for individual patients. In our post-acute rehabilitation, the patient will take an active role in making decisions working together with the team so that the patient achieve their goals and maximum level of independence.

Our interdisciplinary team works with patients and families to promote quality of life through:

  • Comprehensive therapy services to maximize mobility and endurance
  • Individualised support services
  • Home-like environment to encourage optimal health & minimize hospital readmission
  • Coordination of home health services by our on-site coordinators
  • Recreational activity for social integration
  • 24/7 Arabic & Non-Arabic Customer Care
  • Regular patient/family meetings and education