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Established in 2006, Emirates Hospitals Rehabilitation and Homecare Services (Emirates Rehab), was the first private post-acute inpatient rehabilitation facility in Dubai. We offer the entire continuum of post-acute rehabilitation care with a largely singular focus: total dedication to high quality, patient-centric care. Each of our inpatient, outpatient, and homecare programs is internationally CARF accredited.

Emirates Rehab is the only provider in the region with CARF accredited Inpatient, Outpatient, and Home Health Services programs. We offer personalised, patient-centric rehabilitation programs from three state of the art facilities in Dubai and Oman. Our rehabilitation goals are developed together with patients and their families, with a focus on helping our patients achieve their highest level of functional independence. Though our patients often have severe debilitative conditions, we respect and embrace that they also have dreams, hopes and expectations, and this is reflected in the care that we provide. At Emirates Rehab, we provide hope and the tools to rediscover life.

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Emirates Hospitals Rehabilitation and Homecare Services