Inpatient Services

Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

We offer post-acute rehabilitation to patients recovering from a recent hospitalisation and still require intensive rehabilitation. Our expert team oversees the functional improvements and reduces possible complications and hospital re-admissions to provide rehabilitation sustainable rehabilitative outcomes. In our post-acute rehabilitation, the patient will take an active role in making decisions working together with the team so that the patient achieves their goals and maximum level of independence.

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Long Term Care

We provide personalized care for patients who are chronically ill and require an extensive care in a non-hospitalized environment. Our structured management program help meets both the medical and non-medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods.

Our patient-centered care concentrates on relieving the distress of patients, using a holistic approach to rehabilitate in an engaging environment to ensure that patients are attended to with utmost care.

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Ventilated Patient Care

We help patients with ventilator by providing respiratory care with a committed respiratory therapist so that patients are tended to whenever required. The focus is on helping patients to improve their ability to breathe comfortably, through education, medication, and transition to ventilator independence.

Our interdisciplinary team works as one to ensure that the patient receives an individualized plan while regaining function and reintegrate them back into the community.

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