Dear all,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare and to especially thank the Medical staff and physiotherapy team. Treatment is not easy for wide spread prolapsed intervertebral disc esp. in my age (6 0 + year old) with multiple medical problems. To avoid the operation on the spine, my physiotherapist Dipti has tried different treatment strategies not only to relive my pain, dizziness and other symptoms but also strengthen my physique. Furthermore, treatment is not smooth and back and forward, I again thank Dr. Adham Kamal and Dipti for having great patience to overcome the problems. I am pleased to see my health progress. During in the Gym room, I note that the physiotherapist, staff and patient are as a family along with a great sense of humanity, kindness and positive ness. With Lakshmi, Dipti, Nila, Juna kindness support, I have physical improvement and good mood to continue treatment. Finally, I really do appreciate all nurse hard work and nutritionist to help me to modify the meal to suit my Asian taste. Much love, and many thanks again.