Salah Al Jailitesti

I came to the center several months ago unable to walk without help, but after a while thanks to God and to the center with all the therapists and doctors I was able to return to my natural state. In terms of staying it was very beautiful, you do not feel that you are sick or hypnotized in the rehabilitation center everything is available. In terms of system and the dates, they’re punctual in the timing of the exercises and medicines. And I have formed a beautiful relationship with all the people in the center of the patients and staff until they become a family for me, even after I improved, I feel sad to separate them and return to my home healthy and safe.

ابق في المنزل إذا شعرت بأحد الأعراض.
إذا كنت تعاني من الحمى والسعال وصعوبة التنفس ، فاطلب العناية الطبية واتصل مسبقًا.

تعرف على تحديثات هيئة الصحة بدبي للحصول على نصائح حول تباطؤ انتشار فيروس كورونا والموارد لنفسك وأحبائك.